Nursing Services

Our goal is to keep our students healthy and ready to learn.

The health room is a place for students to come to be assessed for wellness, fix a boo boo, rest and try to feel better, or to receive medications.


Students must be fully immunized or have a medical, personal, or religious exemption on file prior to attending school. Please bring updates in as soon as received.

American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended Schedule of Immunizations.

About Medicine at School

In order for a student to receive medications at school, we must first have a signed order from the students licensed health care provider (click here for form).

In adherence with our drug free schools policy; the parent or guardian must be the person transporting the medication to and from the school. Once a signed order is on file, and the medication is at the school, the medication may be administered at school. Only Oral or Inhaled medications can be given.

Medications may be routine (given daily) or as needed (such as Tylenol).

When is it best to keep my child at home?

You, as the parent are the best judge of whether your child is too ill for school.

There are however certain guidelines. Please read and follow this guide. Sending an ill child to school is counter productive to effective learning and puts other students at risk.

Head Lice Procedure

Head lice can be a problem in the school setting. While head lice is catching, it is not as easy to get as many may believe. Some current information on head lice and getting rid of them.