Meet the Principal

Dear Students and Families of the Woodland Intermediate Community,

Welcome to Woodland Intermediate School.   Principal Steven Carney has stepped down from his position in order to attend to family needs related to a medically fragile child.  This spring we will be seeking a principal to serve the children and families of Woodland Intermediate into the future.   In the interim period, I will be serving as the acting principal of Woodland Intermediate School.   In spite of the many other responsibilities associated with my role as Superintendent of Schools, it is my goal to provide the students, staff, and families quality support and leadership through this transition time.

My goal is to support and serve this community in the continuing a high quality, kind, safe, supportive, and welcoming school environment.   

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, ideas, or challenges you may have.

For the kids,

Michael Green,

Acting Principal (and Superintendent of Woodland Public Schools)