WSD 3 Year Technology Plan 2010-2013

To:  Michael Green

From: Steve Rippl

Date:  March 3, 2010

Regarding:  Updated Technology Plan


Here is our proposed Technology Plan for the period July 2010 to June
2013.  The current one expires this June, and it has been updated over
the last few months in a process involving feedback from each of our
schools.  The main emphasis is to maintain our high level of student
tech literacy and to improve that of our staff, through smaller,
targeted collaboration and training sessions.  We are very fortunate to
have specific technology classes taught at both the Intermediate and
Middle Schools, so our drive is to make other staff members more
comfortable in integrating technology into their instruction, where it
is useful, relevant and desired.

Please note, this plan is currently under review by our Administration
and Debbie Tschirgi at the ESD, and so there may be some slight changes
leading up to Monday.

Attached Files:
WoodlandSDTechPlan 2010-2013.pdf 94 application/pdf