WMS Report

Date:            2/26/10
To:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
From:           Cari Thomson
RE:                 WMS Summary of Teaching and Learning - February

Monday mornings in February have been devoted to department time and forecasting for next year.  In March, students will be forecasting with their homeroom advisor and presenting this information to their parents through conferences.  Mark Ross, who is our Navigation 101 coordinator, came and observed teachers teaching forecasting into the lessons and was very impressed.  So impressed, that he has asked Kelly Sloniker, LaJune Thorson, and myself to present at the Navigation conference in March.

The WMS math department met in February for a day to align scope and sequence of the curriculum and began working on common assessments.  In less than half a day, they compiled 250 questions aligned to individual standards.  The Woodland Middle School math department will be collaborating with WHS algebra/geometry I teachers on March 2 to continue their work on common assessments. 

Holly Royle attended a week long workshop and participated on the Item Writing Committee for the Reading High School Proficiency Exam.  She has shared this useful  information with staff members.

WMS will be taking the reading and mathematics portion of the Measures of Student Progress (MSP) on-line this spring.  The demo and tutorial are now available on-line at http://wa-online.caltesting.org/ if you would like to take a look. 

The Lego Robotics team presented to the city planning office.  Kei Zushi was impressed and recommended the presentation be published in the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Associations newsletter. 

Attached is a picture of my annual humiliation.  Life is good at the middle school!

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