WPS Report

March Update

Michael Green, Superintendent
Mark Houk    
RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE

Two Staff Development Projects highlighted the month around Woodland Primary.

GLAD Training continued with 4 mornings of in-class demonstration teaching followed by afternoons spent by teachers preparing unit strategies for use in their classrooms.

More than half of our teaching team was able to take part in this training and are anxious to be back in the classroom to try these strategies and teaching.  The group has also mapped out some planning for the continued support and coaching of these strategies as well as ideas for implementing this throughout classrooms all around our school.

A staff team also spent two days looking at school data, and outlining plans for the continued school improvement program at our school.   3-year plans with goals focusing on the "next level" of Reading, Math and School Climate/Culture achievement were outlined.  The group still has finish up work to accomplish as well as processing and previewing for our entire staff team.

This process is also intended to provide the background for our application to transition form a Title I Target Assistance Program to a Title I Schoolwide Program.  This process would enable our school to have more flexibility with the delivery of Title I support services.        

Coming Up

Our Spring Conferences are just around the corner - with teachers making appointments with families, gathering data, and getting report cards ready.