WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School

Woodland School Board - Monthly Update

February 2010

Throughout the month of February our primary focus for Monday morning professional development has been the MSP.  Staff members used two of the three Monday mornings to collaboratively grade practice MSP's, identify trends, or areas of standard in which students are struggling, and develop plans as to how they will address the trends/standards that were identified between now and MSP testing in May.  

Our free and reduced lunch rate now exceeds 40%.  This means that WIS qualifies for Title 1 school wide status.  In essence, this means that all students and staff are learners and teachers of Title 1.  This year, and in years past, WIS has been a targeted assistance school.  This means that only the most struggling students were eligible for academic intervention.  Our Title 1 building team, which consists of a teacher from each grade level, Title 1 teacher, IA, Special Education teacher, Literacy Specialist, and a parent has been working diligently through the application process of becoming a school wide Title 1 school.  Much of this process includes analyzing past test data (WASL and DIBELS), identifying trends, writing goals based upon past student performance, and developing action plans as to how the goals will be achieved.