Proposal for Waiver of Athletic Fees and ASB Fees

Typically middle school and high school students pay a participation fee for participation in extracurricular activities and athletics.  These fees help offset some of the costs associated with these programs, such as transportation and coaches' salaries.  The fees have, for the last several years, been $50 per season at the middle school level and $75 per season at the high school level.  In addition, students must join the ASB of their respective schools ($20 at MS and $25 at HS).

The schools waive these fees for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch or whose families have other exigent circumstances.

Given the many unknowns and constantly changing nature of athletics and other extracurricular activities in the current school year, the administration proposes waiving all ASB and athletic fees for the 20-21 school year.  

There are concerns regarding the capacity of KWRL to provide transportation services with appropriate social distancing. With school board approval we will be requesting that parents and caregivers provide or arrange for transportation to/from athletic contests and activities (should we have any of either).   If this is approved a significant portion of the expenses that are typically offset by student activity fees will be gone.

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/. "I move we waive all student fees for activities, athletics, and ASB for the 2020-2021 school year, and that transportation to and from athletic/activities contests be provided or arranged by parents"