First Reading of Policy Revisions

The Washington State School Directors Association, WSSDA, develops recommendations for Schoool Boards on new policy and amendments to the existing policy.  This document details many of the recommendations that have been recommended for amendment.

Policy 2402  Areas of Study and Award of Mastery-Based Credits

Changes "competency" to "mastery." Addition of alternatives for students to demonstrate mastery.  A requirement for the superintendent to collect and disaggregate data to correct the inequity.

Policy 2410  High School Graduation Requirements

Non Substantive reference and grammar changes.

Policy 2413  Equivalency Credit Opportunities 

Similar to policy 2402 dealing with computer science and other equivalencies. 

Policy 3225  School-Based Threat Assessment

Non-Substantive reference changes.

Policy 4300  Limiting Immigration Enforcement in Schools

Changes to clarify details on records review, etc.

Policy 6220  Bid or Request for Proposal Requirements

Changes to reflect requirements of procurement using federal funds.

Policy 6230  Relations with Vendors

Inclusion of language on receipting for remote ticket sales.

Attached Files:
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2410 REV.pdf 103KB application/pdf
2413 REV.pdf 124KB application/pdf
3225 REV.pdf 164KB application/pdf
4300 REV.pdf 102KB application/pdf
6220 REV.pdf 141KB application/pdf
6230 REV.pdf 72KB application/pdf
WSSDA Policy & Legal News - December 2020.pdf 2MB application/pdf