WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School
Monthly Update
September, 2009


Throughout the month of September our professional development has maintained a math focus.  On September 21st WIS staff members worked in grade level teams to outline the most essential components of a 90 minute math lesson.  This was an important exercise for a multitude of reasons. 

1.    We have transitioned from a 60 minute math block to a 90 minute math block.  With an extended math block the way that a math lesson is presented and laid out will differ from that of a shorter math block.

2.    Grade level teams are striving to implement consistency between classrooms.

On September 28th WIS staff members participated in an activity that focused on curriculum alignment in the core content area of math.  WIS staff members worked as a team to develop a rubric for aligning our math curriculum with the revised Washington State math standards. 

On September 17th we hosted Open House.  We kicked off the event with everyone in the gym. All guests were welcomed and viewed a power point slide show that addressed partnerships, teamwork, upcoming events, and great things taking place at Woodland Intermediate School.  We then transitioned into grade level showcases.  Each grade level was showcased for 15 minutes.  Our attendance was great and the activities were well received.