Human Resources Report

To: Michael Green

From: Vicky Barnes

Date: October 28, 2020

Subject: Human Resources Report

COVID follow up continues to be a part of my daily duties. I communicate with staff who are symptomatic and respond yes to their daily attestation each morning. I explain how long they need to stay out of the building, what leaves are available to them, communicate with administrators who will be out, and track when they can return. I also track test results and follow up as needed. 

I have been working on several reports. Along with gathering data for the Affirmative Action report included in the agenda, I also completed the School Information and Research Service survey (SIRS). This is a salary survey that is done every year, and the information is used by districts to help with understanding how other districts are staffed and how they compensate their employees. The other report I am working on is the School Employee Evaluation Survey (SEES), which includes all of our staff’s evaluation results and is submitted to OSPI.

I am also interviewing and hiring both classified and certificated substitutes. Although we don’t currently have a great need for substitutes, I want to be proactive to ensure that when we do have students back in the classroom, we have a robust substitute list. Many of those I am interviewing are newly graduated teachers who were not hired because many districts were not in a place to bring on new staff.

Every three months, I send out an HR Hot Topics to employees. In this newsletter, I let them know of upcoming events as well as employee opportunities. I use the second page of the newsletter to explore healthy choices.  The September 2020 issue takes a look at having and respecting healthy boundaries.

I also communicate to all of our employees the administrators they would go to if they, a student, a parent, or a community parent, had concerns. This is for Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Compliance Officer Asha Riley, 504 Coordinator and Homeless Student Liaison Jake Hall and Title IX Officer, Civil Rights Coordinator and Affirmative Action Officer Vicky Barnes. Communication is best if it is done in a variety of ways to ensure staff is aware. We have information posted on our website. It is in the employee handbook and student handbooks as well. At the beginning of each year, I email the information out as well to ensure the staff knows the name of the administrator they would go to. Here is a link.