Woodland Middle School Report

To: Michael Green

From: James Johnston

Date: 11/20/20

Re: WMS November 2020 Board Report

The following are the key initiatives/items that are happening at Woodland Middle School:

  • Fall Conferences
  • Small Groups Attending
  • Staff Development days

Fall Conferences

We are hosting our fall conference from October 27-30.  This is our first ever “Virtual” conference format.  Parents have been invited to sign up via Skyward.  After signing up, they will receive a Google Meets invite from their child’s homeroom teacher to discuss progress during the first quarter, troubleshoot issues, and review successes.

Small Groups Attending and Support

We are currently hosting multiple groups of students in the library and classrooms two-four days a week.  These small, socially distanced groups are supported by our paraprofessionals.  Some of the identified students receiving these services are in our ELL, DSP, and Sped programs.  Additionally, we have provided in-school services to students who have had trouble with internet connectivity and/or have not been present or engaged in classes.  Our Title I reading teachers and paras have also implemented personalized small group sessions for independent reading support in the afternoons. 

Staff Development Days

We recently completed two days of training on October 8-9.  This was a great opportunity for staff to focus on remote learning and preparation for fall units.  Staff were trained in Google Best Practices, Quizziz, Kahoot, and Padlet.  Additionally, teachers worked collaboratively to prioritize learning standards in their scope and sequences and outline lessons for October.  Finally, the staff collaborated around the Danielson framework and TPEP (teacher evaluation) student learning goals.