Columbia Elementary Report

To:  Michael Green, Superintendent

From: David Starkey, CES Principal

Date: October 20, 2020

RE: Columbia Elementary Board Report

  • Virtual Learning:
    • Virtual learning is in full swing with CES consistently having over 90% student participation. Students are receiving whole group core instruction along with small group leveled instruction. Our Learning Assistance Program (LAP) and Special Education Program are both serving students through a virtual setting. Currently, we are working hard to prepare for the transition to hybrid learning starting on November 2, 2020.
  • Materials Pickup:
    • Columbia Elementary did a materials pickup for students on 10/15. Families were able to come to CES and gather more instructional materials to continue our virtual learning. CES teamed up with the Woodland PTSA and brought in Kona Ice as a fundraising opportunity. CES received 15% of the profits generated by the activity.
  • Hiring:
    • CES is currently in the process of hiring additional special education instructional assistants both in the resource and DSP classroom. CES is also looking to hire 2 recess supervisors to assist the supervision needs on the playground.
  • CES Culture Focus:
    • The CES PBIS team is hard at work! Currently, we are working on ways to recognize both staff and students for their hard work. We have started new staff recognition opportunities and are currently working on ideas to increase staff morale and spirits. We are also working on ways to recognize the hard work that students are doing. On October 30th, CES will be having a dress up day. Students and staff can dress up as their hero (super hero or real person) or dress up as a character within their favorite book. We have been working hard building a partnership with businesses around Woodland using their support/services as rewards for our staff drawings. We have had over 15 Woodland businesses donate to our PBIS cause. We live in such a supportive community and can not thank these businesses enough!
  • Instructional Focus:
    • Currently, each student who attends CES will receive a reading intervention. Interventions are daily and are designed around the academic level of the individual student. CES is putting a large focus around reading support, programs, and additional services. We have aligned with the district programs and curricular focus to assure instructional practices align district wide K-4. We are also continuing to find the best ways to support and enrich our learning for ELL learners.