Student Representative Report

To: Woodland School Board

From: Camila Avelar

Date: 10/22/20

RE: WHS Board Report


Details in this report will be

  • Schedule change
  • Fall Sports 
  • Senior Interviews 

Schedule Change

Over the past few weeks, teachers have been discussing a schedule change for Mondays. For students, it was confusing having Monday’s change every week depending on what day it fell on. There was discussion of having all 6 classes be class time but a concern for that was screen fatigue and how that would affect students. The official change that started this Monday was 

  • Meet/Check in with your classes 1-6
  • Morning classes 35 minutes
  • Afternoon classes 40 minutes 
  • Afternoon classes have 10-minute breaks in between classes (instead of 5 minutes)
  • CLC time is now only 15 minutes 

The students have given overall positive feedback to this change. 

Fall Sports

Fall sports have started back up this week! Football, Baseball, Soccer, and Volleyball are in session 1 which started Monday. The word that I have gathered from students is that the turn out is good! Students who have signed up for witch ever sport are showing up to practices.  Athletes are wearing masks and sticking their small groups. Equipment is as well being disinfected between uses of small groups. Students are happy to be practicing again and seeing classmates and coaches they haven’t seen in a while.

Senior Interviews

This week senior interviews have started up. Students from the class of 2021 are meeting with Dr. Pearson and talking about their personal experiences and opinions on the school.  Before having the interview there is a survey that you fill out about the high school and your personal experiences. This is a requirement before graduating.