WPS Report


Mark Houk, Principal


October 5, 2009

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
FROM:           Mark Houk    
RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE

Early Fall reading data has been compiled(a HUGE thank you to support staff  who conduct this)  and our Fall CAST Meetings have been completed.  As a result, learning and intervention plans are in place for students at each grade level.  It is important to note, that in addition to 90 minute reading blocks, students needing additional reading assistance are programmed into focused interventions which supplement their daily reading block.

An additional piece being added to our instructional support program this Fall is a Math supplement called "Study Island."  You may recognize this from its time at Woodland Intermediate School.   Through Title I funding, we are equipping our computer lab and some classroom computers with this program and identifying students who will spend daily time utilizing it for extra practice in specific math areas.  Being that this is a web-based program, we will look to make it available to families at home via our school website.

Another area of physical improvement around our school is located between our two northern most portable buildings.  Between these buildings are areas of garden and flower beds.  Courtesy of Ms. Sanders' class last spring, and the industriousness of teacher Mary Franklin and some of her students, these areas replace what used to be "catch spots" for litter and weeds. 

RIF Week

Reading is Fundamental is a longstanding activity for Woodland Schools.  Sponsored by our PTSA, and facilitated by volunteer Beth Kester for several years, this event encourages the love of reading for all.   By allowing students to hear a great story read by a guest, and then having an opportunity to self-select a book they get to keep for themselves, kids gain an appreciation for books and the pride of ownership. 

Coming Up

Our school looks forward to greeting all families for Fall Conferences the last week of this month. 

Cc:       WPS Staff