Student Representative Report

To: Woodland School Board

From: Camila Avelar

Date: 9/16/20

RE: WHS September 2020 Board Report


Details in this report will be

  • Virtual learning 
  • Schedules times
  • CLC

Virtual Learning

Tuesday, September 8th was the first day of virtual learning! This was quite different from how we did online learning last year in the ending months. Though it was different, it went over pretty smoothly with most students. There were hiccups down the road, but for it being the first time around, it went well. 


With a new schedule, we have students who work just fine with it but as well as other students who are not quite getting the hang of it. Teachers are doing there best to help these students to understand the schedule times better. The biggest challenge that is being faced is the confusion on small groups and actual class time. With time I think this problem will be resolved.


The newest thing that has been brought to Woodland High school this year is Naviance. This is a program that is tied to CLC.  Students have not played with it much, but we are learning about it and the staff. From the four years I’ve been at Woodland High School, I have experienced about five different CLC programs, and hopefully, this can be issued that is solved.