About two years ago a team of district and school leaders began a conversation about what it truly means to ..."prepares them [students] for responsible citizenship and a future of adaptability and success in life and their chosen endeavors."   

Ultimately that team, after a good deal of reading and review of data found that in order for our graduates to be ready for success in life and their chosen endeavors, more than a high school diploma would be needed.

The team, using the work of a nationwide coalition called "Redefining Ready" began to develop indicators that demonstrated that students were ready for Career, Life, and College after high school might look like.

Last April the team shared their journey to the indicators with the board in a work session. The following month, on May 28, the school board adopted Resolution 19-04, formally approving the indicators that are guiding our work in preparing students for responsible citizenship and a future of adaptability and success in life and their chosen endeavors.

The three goals for this work session are:

1) Review the background, the "Why" for the indicators so that directors, both new and continuing have shared information regarding the reason we believe this work is essential.

2) Review the indicators to ensure a common understanding of their origin and purpose.

3) To review with the board some of the preliminary work that has been done to date to our schools and district to provide opportunities for students to attain the indicators.

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