First Reading of New Policy 3424 and revisions to Policies 3510 and 6700.

Please see the attached WSSDA Policy and Legal News for details on the policies to be considered.

New Policy 3420 is mandated by SB 5380 which specifies that districts with a school that obtains, maintains, distributes, or administers opioid overdose reversal medication as well as districts with two thousand or more students must adopt a policy for doing so.

Policy Revision 3510 WSSDA has revised the model policy to address RCW 28A.325.010’s authority to charge fees for optional noncredit extracurricular events, typically through an Associated Student Body (ASB) membership. The policy revisions also address that districts may waive or reduce ASB fees. WSSDA has revised the associated procedure to provide some factors to consider in determining whether to waive or reduce ASB fees. Additionally, WSSDA revised the procedure to include new reporting requirements as set forth by RCW 28A.325.050.

Policy Revision 6700 is a mandated change in policy that requires me to strive to identify and remove barriers to scheduling 20 minute lunch periods for elementary students.

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6700 REV.pdf 141KB application/pdf
Policy & Legal News Feb 2020.PDF 1MB application/pdf