Financial/Enrollment Report

To: Michael Green, Superintendent

From: Stacy Brown, Director of Business Services

Subject: Financial/Enrollment Report

Date: February 20, 2020

I have the months of September through December reconciled.  I attached some reports that were generated with the new software and would like to go over them with the board during the meeting.  I think it would be helpful for all to go through them together. There is a wealth of information and once I have January reconciled I have some adjustments to make and will be able to make a more accurate projection on ending fund balance and what the next 7 months will look like.  Please take a look at the reports and gather up your questions and we will discuss on Monday. 

The attached reports include the General Fund Revenues Dashboard Summary and the General Fund Expenditure Dashboard Summary which have a summary of the general fund revenues and expenditures and the amounts collected to date compared with the projected YTD amounts.  The third document shows the actual. The final document is the General Fund Financial Summary which shows the current year actual revenues and expenditures compared to the year to date amounts collected in the previous year (first box) and the current year to date revenues and expenditures and the amounts collected/spent in comparison with the budget.  We can discuss all of these reports at the meeting.


The enrollment spreadsheets are also attached (pages 5-7), with summaries by headcount for September through February and a comparison of budgeted FTE to actual average FTE.  After increasing in January, we are up 10 heads and 13.3 FTE. The average FTE is now 19.03 students under budget. This can be attributed to the change in semester, some Running Start students returning to WHS, TEAM High increase and some new students moving into the area.  Jody is busy enrolling students and now working on KG registration. I will continue to keep you apprised each month and will let you know how this affects the district projections starting with January financial data in February.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Attached Files:
Enrollment.pdf 174KB application/pdf
Reports.pdf 289KB application/pdf