North Fork Elementary Report

To: Michael Green

From: Denise Pearl

Date: February 20, 2020

RE: North Fork Elementary School Update

  • Mid Year Teacher Check-in Meetings

In the past few weeks, every teacher has checked in with their student’s mid-year growth and also any student of concern. Teachers also reflected on their own growth at this point in the year and received feedback from the principal on the Danielson Framework used for evaluations. Our teachers are passionate about their instruction and students’ growth.

  • Highly Capable Screenings

North Fork is in the process of screening all new and referred students for the Highly Capable program. The students that screen and test into the program will start next school year.

  • Kids @ Hope Week, February 18th - 21st

Staff and students are celebrating our Kids at Hope Culture at North Fork this week. Students have the opportunity to focus on four areas in their futures; Home and Family, Community and Service, Education and Career, and Hobbies and Recreation. Tuesday evening we held a Family Spaghetti & Bingo Night to raise funds for our Family Resource Center as well as other student-led causes. Student koala art was sold for a donation and over $350 was raised for the animals in need in Australia. 

In honor of Community and Service Day, our leadership students visited the Woodland Care Center and assisted residents in making Valentine projects. Thursday we will be celebrating with a Career Day. We had a great turnout of volunteers that have offered to share their positions with our students. 

All of these activities give students the opportunity to think about their futures in these four destinations.