Columbia Elementary Report

To: Michael Green

From: Ingrid Colvard

Date: February 19, 2020

RE: Monthly Report Columbia Elementary School (Grades PreK-4)

LETRS & Ready Mathematics:  Columbia Elementary staff has been benefitting from the ongoing support of representatives/coaches from both LETRS and Ready Mathematics. Dian and Megan have spent time with each teacher in the classroom, as well as in teams, working on the details of implementing these programs. This level of implementation support is extremely important if significant gains are to be achieved. It is evident through classroom observations that teachers are developing increased confidence and proficiency in applying LETRS concepts to reading instruction, as well as fluency with our new mathematics curriculum. Students consistently express their excitement with learning math, and they are enthusiastically working on phonics each day. 

Pennies for Patients- Leukemia & Lymphoma Support:  The student council at CES worked very hard to lead the first “Pennies for Patients” drive. They set a goal to collect donations of at least $1200.00, and are very proud that the final total exceeded $3200! It is most important to note that children of all ages understand that this initiative was significant because it contributed to others with no personal gain. The development of character, compassion, and empathy was the primary goal of Mrs. Cheryl Nesbitt. Cheryl leads the student council and has done an amazing job of making sure the focus of their efforts is to promote the positivity of growth of every school community member. She is making an enormous difference in their lives!

Love & Valentine’s Day:  Children in CES classrooms celebrated February 14th in different ways, but the common theme was belonging. Educators and families know that the best intervention for bullying or behavior challenges is to make certain all students feel a sense of connection to peers and caring adults. It was wonderful to see each teacher and student take care to include all classmates and celebrate their friendships in an inclusive manner.

Gratitude:  A special thank you to Michael and Asha for the unwavering kindness and support during the illness and passing of my father. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for district leaders who care for every one of us in their charge with such compassion. They took care of CES seamlessly to make certain children and staff continued to learn and teach without interruption. I cannot put into words how grateful I am.