As we develop and deepen our work of ensuring that all students are prepared for Career and Life and College we have identified a weakness in the area of helping students identify, with clarity the opportunities that they have beyond high school and giving them to the tools early in their high school career to prepare them for pathways that fit their interests and skills.   Thre are tools specifically designed to support this work that we have reviewed.   Following our review, which has included site visits at WF West, who has been using Naviance for five years, conversations with schools who are just beginning use, and a review of alternatives we are recommending for approval a program called "Naviance"

Though there are several options available Naviance has a very high-quality product and a record of success for students and schools.  Additionally, Naviance has built a more robust product that competitors that ties in life-readiness elements including Social-Emotional Learning

The goal of using Naviance is to help create a unified district level environment to track and measure student outcomes and successes, empower students of their college and career readiness initiatives, and help ensure Washington’s High School and Beyond Plan requirements are met.

On the school side, all stakeholders can collaborate on the successful execution of any district-wide initiatives, state-level requirements, and accountability. For students and parents, the platform will provide a single home to participate in tasks and activities that help develop SEL and transition skills, identify their strengths, explore career and college interests, and provide access and equity for all while moving from 6th grade onto 12th grade.

Naviance is expensive relative to other options, but we believe this is an example of "you get what you pay for."   The five-year cost is  $77,212.50 with payments of $22,242.50 in year one and $13,742.50 each year following.

Additional information can be found on the Naviance website.

Administrative Recommendation /MOTON/ "I move we approve the implementation of Naviance and authorize the Superintendent to execute the proposed five-year agreement."

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