Discussion of Work Session Calendar

The School Board Calendar that the board reviewed in June listed work session topics as:

January 13 — 1) Orientation of New Directors and 2) Mid-Year Report and Program Evaluation

February 10 — Career, Life, and College Readiness

This planning calendar did not contemplate the vacancy in Director District 5.  It is expected that the board will formally appoint an interim director as the first order of business on February 10th.   As such, it seems a bit premature to schedule a New Director Orientation in January.

There are at least four options that the board may wish to consider:

1) Continue, as planned, with the planned work session calendar.

2) Identify a new work session topic for January

3) Shift the March work session topics, (1) Capital Facilities and Safety and 2) Communications Planning) to January and bump the New Director orientation and Mid-year Report to February and Career, Life, and College Readiness to March.

4) Have two business meetings in January.  The Second meeting of the month will include interviewing of prospective District 5 directors, then bump work sessions following by one month.  (May's work Session is currently identified as TBD)