Yale Elementary Report

To: Michael Green

From: Malinda Huddleston

Date: December 9, 2019

RE: Yale Report

In the short month of December, Yale Elementary students will be voluntarily participating in an annual Christmas play. As you are aware, this event has changed to a non-school activity with practices held after school due to the religious content. The community has largely shown acceptance and we have all but two students participating. 

Teachers are continuing to work through important content with their students.  Third and fourth grade students are having experiences with interim assessments as a learning tool which also helps teachers understand the rigor of the Common Core State Standards. Our iReady math trainer visited Yale for a full day offering example video lessons, demonstration lessons, and coaching sessions. Our teachers were engaged and thankful for the opportunity to have a trainer visit our school.

Our students have earned their ALL school reward for showing the Yale Way (being safe, respectful and responsible). We are partnering with the Woodland Community Library to provide an experience that our students will enjoy. Our library helper has noticed that our students love pop-up books so she has offered to host a craft session for our students to make their own pop-up books and cards.

We are thankful for Laura Perry our food service manager who offers so many engaging activities for our students. She has asked our fourth grade students to participate in an activity during their lunch time where they get an opportunity to take pictures of things our food service is doing well and what they can improve upon. Students will then narrow their suggestions down to five and do a brief write up describing their pictures. The following day students sit with Laura to view the slide show of photos, discuss their findings, and provide feedback.