Woodland High School Report

To: Michael Green

From: John Shoup

Date: 12/10/2019

Re: December Review

Here is an overview of the key activities we worked on in relation to teaching and learning this month.

Mondays:  We are splitting our time between school improvement planning and department collaboration.  I have been quite pleased with the level of staff engagement and interest in the school improvement goals as we build a more robust plan for our Career, Life and College expectations for students.

Other information:  As is typical this time of year, we are seeing an increase in student frustrations with each other.  Our counselors and staff continue to work diligently to support students through these times of tension and frustration.  I would anticipate Dan and I are conducting two to three conflict mediations each week during the month of December.    We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy our Holiday concert on Thursday, December 19th.  I am submitting this report before it occurs, but I’m sure it will go well.  We often come to school in the mornings this month to the stage wall being open and the sound of our band or choir filling the school with lovely music.

I should also note that we are doing a complete revamping of our curriculum handbook to align our course offerings and their descriptions to the seven different pathway options we have for students.  This work is being led by our counseling department with the technical support coming from Eric Jacobsen.  I am excited to see the first draft.