Student Representative Report

To: Michael Green

From: Camila Avelar
Date: 12/16/19

WHS December 2019 Board Report

Details in this report 

  • ASB Topics
    • Club problem 
    • Dutch Donation Ideas
    • Mr.Shoup meeting 

ASB Topics 

Club problems: During the most recent ASB meeting, the club GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) came to the ASB officers with a formal letter regarding the issues that have emerged from the club. By this, they explained that students were ripping posters down, making fun of their club during their meetings and having to put posters where cameras are to make sure they won’t get taken down. The officers then brought the issue with Mr.Shoup and Mr.Uhlenkott. They recommended having students sitting out in front of the meeting as a wall of support. As well as moving the meeting to another classroom that’s not right in front of shared activity space. As regarding the posters, Mr.shoup has talked to students that have ripped down posters, but some posters that are moved or taken down are because they fall, don’t have the right tape or are in the wrong spot where posters need to be. All of this will be brought back to the GSA to regard their issues.  

Dutch Donation Ideas: Another agenda item would be back to the topic of using how to use the money that was donated from Dutch bros. At the meeting, we were more leaning towards some type of decorative item for the school. Some ideas that were talked about were beaver Footprints around the school, Spirit Rock or a Senior Wall.   These ideas were mentioned to Mr.Shoup and Mr.Uhlenkott and ideas of decorations like these were recommended. Such as for the senior wall, instead of painting an actual wall we could have a mock wall that goes in front of a wall. A different idea was using the window space we have kinda like whiteboards where we can paint on them to give student information or even decorate them for fun. These ideas will be brought back up at the next ASB meeting.