Woodland Middle School Report

To: Michael Green

From: James Johnston

Date: 9/16/19

Re: WMS September 2019 Board Report

Woodland Middle School staff are off and running for the new school year!  The following topics are explained in more detail below:

  • District Directed Professional Development (DDPD) Days
  • Lunch and Lockers
  • A few changes

District Directed Professional Development (DDPD) Days

We had a positive six days back during professional development week with staff.  Our focus this fall was on Explicit Instruction (primarily tied to the work of Anita Archer).  Additionally, we continued our school wide focus on “Step Up To Writing.”  We also spent some time working as professional learning teams getting to know each other’s personality/work style based on the “16 personalities” website.

Lunch and Lockers

We were excited to have an amazing turnout for lunch and lockers.  We had approximately 550 students sign in bringing their parents/guardians.  This was a great time for them to meet teachers, tour the school, and have lunch.  We were able to distribute student schedules so they could visit their classes and practice opening their lockers.

A Few Changes

  • Homeroom class is now combined with first period. This will allow more time for morning announcements, remove one transition in the day, and provide more opportunity for positive relationships since the teacher will see their homeroom/first period students daily.  We will continue to have spirit days and assemblies that will occur one Friday each month.
  • We are combining the Student of the month and Trojan achievement awards this year into a quarterly award.  Students that get the Trojan achievement award will get recognized at one of our three major assemblies.  They will be invited to a luncheon with the principal (sponsored by Burgerville), get a t-shirt and a certificate for the student store.  The purpose of combining these awards is to honor more students while also recognizing students in various subjects. 
  • We are continuing with our other quarterly student recognition awards:
    • Perfect Attendance-In school and on time every day of the quarter
    • Exemplary Attendance-Miss only one day and/or tardy only once during a quarter
    • Principal's Honor Roll-3.5 to 4.0 GPA
    • Academic Achievement Honor Roll-3.0 to 3.49 GPA