Approve Collective Bargaining Agreement Between SEIU and Woodland School District

On Monday, September 9th SEIU "Overwhelmingly" ratified the Tentative Agreement between the SEIU and the School District all of the represented classified staff with the exception of KWRL and Secretaries.

The agreement represents fair and competitive wages, terms, and conditions of employment.   Our lead negotiator, Lorraine Wilson, has drafted a concise memo that outlines the changes in the CBA.

In addition, attached are a redline copy and a final copy of the CBA

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we approve the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the School District and SEIU"

Attached Files:
190917AgreemSummMemo.pdf 138KB application/pdf
SEIU CBA 19-22 Final.pdf 726KB application/pdf
SEIU CBA 19-22 Redline.pdf 923KB application/pdf