Human Resources Report

To: Michael Green
From: Vicky Barnes
Date: May 28, 2019
Subject: Human Resources Report

At the end of April, I had the opportunity to speak in Robin Uhlenkott’s middle school leadership class about filling out applications, interviewing for jobs and attitudes and actions that can lead to positive workplace achievements. Students were completing their applications for positions at Biz Town that week and my hope was to get them thinking about the process and how to set themselves up for success not just in this process but as they begin to move forward in getting work experience. They asked some great questions and had a very fun time shaking hands using the web to web method!

Much of what I did was computer work as we close out the year and prepare for the next one. I worked alongside Stacy Brown in creating and sending out electronic contracts for our teachers for the 2019-2020 school year. I spent time reviewing and updating job descriptions for administrators to review. The job descriptions will more closely follow the evaluations and have consistency in formatting. Unpaid leave has also taken up quite a bit of time and I work to make sure our policy is followed.

April ended with a celebration at KWRL of our wonderful drivers and staff. Often these employees aren’t able to attend our end of the year celebration since they are driving our kiddos home so we came up with a separate luncheon a few years ago to ensure they know how much we appreciate them. Sarah Hadaller did a great job of organizing it, ordering food and rounding up raffle items. Long tables were lined up and decorated with candy bars wrapped in a thank you wrappers, as well as notecards that students had created expressing their appreciation. The walls had thank you posters from the schools and we had a table overflowing with donated raffle items. All four of the schools had an administrative representative at the luncheon that took time to thank the drivers personally. Everyone seemed to have a great time and spending time with our staff is always a pleasure.

I also attended a meeting at ESD 112 concerning the training for classified staff which is required starting in the 2019 - 2020 school year. We need to do 14 hours and so over the next month I will attend workshops and listen to webinars to gather what we need to do to meet this new requirement and what documentation is needed. I will update you with more information as I find out more information.

Lastly, I have been attending bargaining meetings with SEIU as part of the District’s team. I find the process very informative and helpful as I work to apply to the agreement to situations or answer questions from employees about how it impacts them. I also enjoy cleaning up and clarifying the intent of what is agreed upon so we are all on the same page if possible.