Learning Supports and Alternatives

To: Michael Green

From: Jake Hall

Date: 5.22.19

Re: May 2019 Board Report

Special Services

Currently, we are in the process of switching to the IEP online data “write-back” system, which will eventually cut down the time we are manually adding evaluation and IEP meeting dates to Skyward.  The data will still require our attention for verifying their accuracy, but it's a more progressive approach to data entry, and it will be very helpful for MIchelle as the number of students with IEPs continues to increase.  During the end of this year, and throughout next year, Michelle will be working with ESD 112 to receive ongoing training on the data exchange between the “IEP Online” system and Skyward.

Title I

WMS Title is busy in May!  Instructional Assistants and Tara are supporting state assessments and overall supervision.  WMS Staff is entering data about student achievement levels so they can make data-informed decisions about student placement in classes. Also, WMS Staff is collaborating about transitions with WIS and WHS to prepare to meet student needs in 2019-20.


We are continuing LAP interventions for our 2nd-grade students at WIS.  This is the largest number of students we have, and they are the most in need.  3rd and 4th-grade LAP interventions are winding down as we are working to proctor state assessments for students.  Other assessments are also being given -- iReady and Acadience (formerly DIBELS). This information will help us determine student achievement levels in literacy.

Highly Capable

Highly Capable at WMS has been working hard on their LEGO robotics unit.  Mr. Jud reports that he is excited to see what the students come up with in programming their robots.  In fact, students are currently designing and building robots that can launch paper airplanes and climb stairs!  The WMS LEGO team has been working with the “Tetrix” robots system which aligns well with the WHS robot program.

English Language Learners

Student/Family spring conferences were a success in terms of translation services!  Maribel Ramirez, our WSD ELL Coordinator, reports that the massive project of scheduling conferences was successful this spring because ELL teachers, secretaries and principals all worked together and helped contribute.

We are anxiously waiting for our state English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA21) results.  We are looking forward to announcing how many students successfully exited our ELL program this year!

At the High School, the counselors and Maribel met with the ELL students to plan their classes for next year.  We are also excited to welcome Carlotta Propersi as the new ELL teacher at the High School. Carlotta will continue to serve as the ELL teacher at North Fork Elementary in 2019-20 as well as serving at WHS.  This is a similar model to other districts around us.

WIS hosted an ELL Family Night on April 11th from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Parents learned more about the reconfiguration for next year and had the opportunity to ask questions. KWRL, Jody Brentin, our local library, and WIS staff attended this event as well. Parents shared a special dish with other families, and children had fun watching the movie Coco.

Esmeralda Franco, our WSD Interpreter, continues her amazing work at all buildings!  She attends IEP/Behavior meetings, assists KWRL and staff at all schools. Ms. Franco is familiar with our community, and we are glad she is continuing to connect our families to our district.  Esmeralda translated for the families at the ELL Family Night, and she helped at the Kindergarten Open House. We are sure grateful that Esmeralda is now part of our team, and we are looking forward to more family events in all our buildings!

Family Community Resource Center (FCRC)

Catherine Pulliam, our FCRC Coordinator, spoke at Rotary this month to help continue to create partnerships and understanding of Woodland School District’s student and family needs. Also, Catherine wrote and was approved for a grant from iQ Credit Union for the Back to School Bash that will be held in August 2019!  There will be a presentation of the funds and photo opportunity with iQ within the next few weeks.

The FCRC continues to track and monitor interactions with students and families, with the newest tracking indicator being incoming and outgoing phone calls. Within the past month, the FCRC engaged in 479 phone interactions with students, families, community partners and school staff, 111 student and/or family visits to the FCRC, and 832 school food pantry visits by students.  Also, since April 2019, the FCRC has been working closely with a new community partner, Community Integrated Health Services (CIHS), to help bring mental health services to our students and families within the district.

K-12 Attendance

This year Stacy Mouat has aimed to work more closely with the families and students who have petitions in both the Truancy Project and court phases, with a goal of eliminating the need for judicial intervention.  This collaborative work has included many in-person meetings, home visits, hospital visits, and offering alternative resource options. Stacy is happy to report that a handful of our most at-risk youth, who would have most likely dropped out by now, are still in school and pursuing their education!

Stacy has a goal in 2019-20 to expand the truancy board to focus more on building these personal relationships with students because "no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care".  Stacy’s goal is to show these students that they have an advocate on their side who truly cares about their best interest and is rooting for them!

K-12 Nursing

Health staff continues to see students daily for minor and major injuries/illnesses/health conditions.  The nurses are now working on end-of-school-year tasks which include: letters home, updating student health information and health plans, and family reminders regarding medications/orders for 19-20 school year.

Lewis River Academy

This month has been a busy one at LRA, with many activities centering around our upcoming field trip to Mount St. Helens.  We had the pleasure of having several guests visit LRA to share what they remember about the May 18, 1980 eruption. The stories were unique and personal to each guest, as they shared what they remembered about that extraordinary day.  One of the guests who shared her story actually worked for Washington State Forest Service at the time. It was interesting to our students, families, and staff to hear her vivid recollection of all that took place that day, and in the several weeks that followed the eruption.  

Following these enlightening stories, the students and teachers finally had their chance to "erupt" the four model volcanoes they worked so hard on making these past six weeks.  A “blast” was had by all!

LRA is also busy with state assessments.  Student attendance and active participation in state assessments has been nearly perfect!  We are thankful to our LRA families for making sure their students were here, on time, and ready to do their best on the state assessments!  

TEAM High School

We are winding down the 2018-19 school year at TEAM HS, and it is busier than ever!  Not only are we in the midst of state testing, but we are also working hard on graduation alternatives for seniors per updated state guidelines.  We are offering Saturday School and extended hours for seniors whose schedules make it difficult (due to work and family care) to complete everything needed for graduation during our regular hours.  We have more than 20 students who have either completed all requirements or are near completion, and another 15 that are possible graduates. This total includes a few Juniors that will be graduating early!  The culture of TEAM High School is all about successful graduation. Liz is focused on working with our seniors and putting together a slideshow and yearbook for our graduates. Jillian is busy working with the rest of our students helping them prepare for when it’s their turn to make the biggest educational milestone in their lives.