Woodland Middle School Report

To: Michael Green

From: James Johnston

Date: 5/15/19

Re: WMS May 2019 Board Report

The following are the key happenings at Woodland Middle School:


We will be hosting our first major play with our new after-school drama program this May. There are 18 students in the cast and crew and this is a great opportunity to showcase their talents.  The performance titled "Big Bad" is the story of the trial of the Big Bad Wolf, the most notorious criminal in the fairy tale world, who is being slapped with a class-action lawsuit by the quirky characters he has wronged, including Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, the Three Little Pigs, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The two greatest legal minds in the Enchanted Forest, the Fairy Godmother and the Evil Stepmother will clash in a trial that is sure to be remembered "forever after".  The twist is that the AUDIENCE gets to decide the fate of Mr. Wolf, whether he is guilty, innocent, or if there is a hung jury! 


Our track and field team had another great season, providing a positive experience for over 120 middle school student-athletes. Over 600 personal records were achieved and four all-time school records were set this year. The WMS boys’ team won the district championship and the girls’ team took second overall.  This is quite an accomplishment. 


We have completed our state ELA assessments and begun our math testing. These state assessments help us as we forecast and place students in classes next year.  We have started receiving results and are excited to see what our students accomplished this year.

Our Students of the Month award winners were:


5th- Bradley Woolfe, Roxy Mills

6th- Elizabeth Martinez-Guzman, Cole Hathaway

7th- Karalynn Conditt, Lily Naranjo

8th- Owen Dunn, Jayla Muonio


5th-Cody Salmon, Daniela Gutierrez-Espinoza

6th-Jasmin Cifuentes, Addison Stading

7th-Joanna Quiroz-Lopez, Gabi Silveria

8th-Angelina Smith, Derek Fechtner