Learning Supports and Alternatives

To: Michael Green

From: Jake Hall

Date: 12.12.18

Re: December 2018 Board Report

Special Services

The Special Education Monthly Count for the month of December is 349.  Each month brings continued climbing numbers, growing our total count in Special Services on a regular basis.  Safety Net review is in full swing, with Team members Devon Hillman, Devon Fliss, Sonya Stemkoski, Stefani Anderson, Michelle McLaughlin and myself.  

Title 1

We recently hosted our annual Title 1 Parent Involvement Meeting, "Donuts & Discussion”.  We had our best turnout ever with 26 active participants attending. Personal invitations were sent out to families of all students participating in our reading intervention program, requesting RSVPs.  Here are some links for more information about the event:




Students continue to work in their Tier 3 reading groups and progress is being monitored every two weeks.  Staff recently analyzed student growth data that shows student response to intervention (RTI). Staff collaborated to make determinations about program placement and worked with their Instructional Coach to identify students who no longer need the LAP program, students who may need goals increased, and students who are not making adequate progress. Decisions were made about what to do for students who aren’t making adequate progress including updated instructional programs, added incentives, goal setting, and family connections.

English Language Learners

Several ELL High School students participated in "Shop with a Cop", a local family support event.  These students translated for families, met during their student lunch time to talk about the program and helped with the phone calls.  Also, 20 ELL students volunteered their time for Make A Difference Day this year. The Intermediate school is planning an ELL Family Night, Thursday, January 11, 2019. The goal for this event is to have our ELL families join in using Class Dojo, a web-based family-school communication program.  We would also like to celebrate that we are having more of our ELL students involved in sports and in our community!

Family Community Resource Center

Leslie Mohlman’s last day with us is January 10, 2019.  Leslie's work has been over-the-top extraordinary in all that she has implemented and developed in Woodland School District and she will be missed!  We are in the midst of the hiring process for the position vacancy and hope to have a new candidate job-shadow with Leslie at the start of January 2019.  

K-12 Attendance

Email "nudge" letters are going home to all students either this week or next. Stacy Moaut has been working with Steve Rippl to develop these and iron out a few "bugs" with the computer automation part of the project. The information is provided to parents in an attempt to draw awareness to how many days their student(s) is(are) missing and how their attendance rate compares to their school and the district. These emails will go out twice a month.  There are 4 versions of the letter depending on how a student is doing:

  • 0-4 absences = Great job!
  • 5-8 absences = Still on track
  • 9-17 absences = There is some concern, we now require documentation to support further absences and required administrator approval to excused absences.
  • 18+ absences = Student is considered chronically absent so it is important to work with school staff to resolve the issue. Documentation is required for all absences and are not likely to be excused unless there is valid reason (such as a medical issues) to support why the student needs to miss so much school.

This is the school attendance report as of 12/11/18:

  • Woodland School District = 4.8% average absences
  • WPS = 5.2% average absences
  • WIS = 5.8% average absences
  • WMS = 4.4% average absences
  • WHS = 4.2% average absences
  • Yale = 4.4% average absences


The Choices training (dropout prevention program) is scheduled to take place at Woodland Middle School, to all 8th graders on Jan 15-16, 2019 (all day).  Shannon Cahoon and Shantelle Davidson of Fibre Federal, who sponsored the program, will be doing the presentations.

Lewis River Academy

LRA participated again this year with schools across the country in the Hour of Code.  The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science.  It has since become a worldwide effort, starting with 1-hour coding activities, but expanding to all sorts of community efforts. This grassroots campaign is supported by over 400 partners and 200,000 educators worldwide, and millions of students in over 180 countries!  What an exciting time for our students to be involved in an organized, self-guided, worldwide opportunity to begin learning about computer science.

We are also gearing up for our Winter Holiday Party next week.  The LRA Student Leadership Team will be meeting this week to organize and help with decorations, snacks, and activities.  This is a fun event that everyone here at LRA looks forward to.

Students are working hard to reach 42% completion in all subjects by the end of December.     

TEAM High School

Enrollment is staying around eighty students and they are all busy completing classes. The recent round of testing is complete, and we are planning “Collection Of Evidence” (COE) classes as a testing alternative for graduation requirements.  

We have three seniors either finished with classes or close to being done with all graduation requirements.  We are hoping to graduate about thirty students this June! As a staff, we are working hard to create a positive atmosphere for our students and planning a memorable graduation.

Highly Capable Program

This past Saturday, 12.8.18, our WMS Woodland LEGO team competed at Parkrose Middle School. The team had a great time, and Mr. Jud reports that the kids represented our school well!  Throughout the day of the competition, students were encouraging to other teams and exemplified the behavioral standards of WMS.

We competed in three Categories: Project (our's a Robot Nurse), Core Values, and Robot Design. These combined scored a second place finish!  Meanwhile, the WMS Robot took first place (the top 8 can qualify for state)! Mr. Jud reports, “The final round they received 12 points which was actually good because the computer crashed and our robot was going out blind, wrecking the board components. This was great real-world experience for them all.  You prepare, but must always be able to think on your feet when things don't go as planned.”

K-12 Nurse Services

Health staff continue to see students daily for minor and major injuries/illnesses and routine daily care.  We continue to work with students and their families on updating immunizations, mostly for our new-enrolled students. We've continued to complete hearing and vision screens for new students in the required screening grade levels.

Channtel has started working with a local clinic on streamlining the medication order process to try and eliminate the high number of students being excluded for not having medication orders and medications at school prior to their first day of school. She has talked with the clinic regarding the medication order process and hopes this connection will make a positive difference in students being ready to attend school.  Channtel is also working with the clinic about parent education regarding asthma, as there is a need for families to build their understanding about asthma symptoms, triggers, treatment, etc.


Wow!  What a great year!!  I’m so proud of all the work by these programs I get to work with each day.  We are looking forward to more growth in all areas we oversee in 2019!