Woodland High School Report

To: Michael Green

From: John Shoup

Date: 12/11/2018

Re: December Review

Here is an overview of the key activities we worked on in relation to teaching and learning this month.

Monday’s:  We have reconfigured our Professional Learning Teams and adjusted to staff needs and interests.  We will be using all of our Mondays in December for this work.  I am really pleased with how well our Monday collaboration time is working this year and staff are really enjoying this time to work together on projects of passion and interest.

Other information:  We have been addressing our vandalism and Juuling issue in the bathrooms by instituting our new 10-10 rule.  It went into effect on Monday, December 10th and we’ll see if it reduces our problems.  The rule, in essence, does not allow students to leave classrooms during the first, or last, 10 minutes of class time and to only have one student out of the classroom at a time.  As you know, we were informed of Mike Woodward’s decision to step down as our head football coach recently and Paul is actively proceeding with the hiring of a new coach.  Coach “Woody” will stay on staff and continue to be an important member of our learning community.  He has left our football program in very good shape.   We hope you had the opportunity to enjoy our Christmas concert on Thursday, December 13th.  I am submitting this report before it occurs, but I’m sure it will go well.  We often come to school in the morning this month to the stage wall being open and the sound of our band or choir filling the school with lovely music.   One other item, we had three senior boys score perfect 800’s on the math portion of the SAT exam.  It is extremely rare and difficult to earn a perfect score and to have three students do it from the same school (of our size) in the same year is incredible.  Eric Jacobsen is doing a little story which should be out soon.