Woodland Middle School Report

To: Michael Green

From: James Johnston

Date: 12/7/18

Re: WMS December 2018 Board Report

The following are the key items we have been working on at Woodland Middle School:

Fall Conferences

We have the preliminary results from our fall conferences. Parent attendance was:

Grade 5: 113/171, 66%

Grade 6: 128/193, 66%

Grade 7: 88/170, 52%

Grade 8: 88/195, 45%

We utilized a different format and most parents met with multiple of their child’s teachers individually, up to seven different teachers.  The “Conference in the Round” format was selected this year based on parent feedback that they wanted the opportunity to meet with core teachers, not just homeroom teachers.  The anecdotal feedback was positive about the format change.

Awards Assemblies

We hosted our first quarter awards assemblies on 11/30 and 12/7.  We implemented this new system to recognize more students for their positive success at WMS.

Here is a summary of the number of students recognized:

Principal’s Honor Roll (3.5-4.0): 238 students

Honor Roll (3.0-3.49): 168 students

Perfect Attendance (No absences, No tardies): 76 students

Exemplary Attendance (No more than one absence and tardy): 171 students

Trojan Educational Achievement Award (Each teacher selects up to one student): 33 students

Our Student of the Month award winners were:


5th: Ayla Peterson, Mali Muonio

6th: Danika Fechtner, Francisco Dejesus Celestino

7th: Elideth Borja-Delgado, Ella Lindsay, Emmalee Cook

8th: MJ Moss, Katie Porter


5th: Natalee Oster, Christopher Lopez-Lopez

6th: Katie Holler, Lexi Devack

7th: Elizabeth Zagumennyy, Emma McCullough

8th: Talia Maxwell, Angel Riscajche