Capital Facilities Conversation 12:00-2:30 pm

Capital Facilities — Building Community Consensus
DLR Group, will present a 1 hour workshop for the Board which they have described as:
“Community support is crucial to any district endeavor. This workshop will explore ways to communicate with user groups to achieve consensus and progress on public projects. Led by two bond passage experts who specialize in community and forum-style public meetings. Oregon school district case studies, real-time costing databases and hands-on demonstrations of America’s Funniest Videos-style voting systems will provide a lively forum for discussion and an opportunity to develop strategies to effectively move your next project forward.”

Capital Facilities — Financing Options
The idea has been proposed, by at least one community member that we consider phasing a new high school project to soften the impact on tax rates.  Jon Gores of DA Davidson will present to the board information about such considerations that we may wish to think about as we move forward.  These options consider using a combination of capital bonds and capital levies to “Phase” construction of a school or schools.  

Capital Facilities — Board Discussion
The board will discuss/review the information received.