First reading of WSSDA Recommended Revisions to Policies 1105, 2170, 2336, 2413, 3116, 3220, 5406

WSSDA Policy Services has recommended the following updates based on changes to statute and code:


Policy 1105—Electoral System Director District:  Includes language that calls out the Voting Rights Act as it relates to redistricting of the school district.  Deletes substantial language on redistricting and dissolution of director districts.


Policy 2170—Career and Technical EducationNumerous capitalization corrections and the inclusion of a requirement that if the district received funds through the work-integrated learning imitative to provide experiences for students, it will comply with the conditions of receiving such funds.


Policy 2336— Required Observances:  Includes a statutory requirement that social studies teachers coordinate voter registration on Temperance and Good Citizenship Day (January 16)


Policy 2413— Equivalency Credit for Career and Technical Education Courses:  The requirement that all students take Algebra II as a graduation requirement has been changed to allow other mathematics options.   The change to the policy deletes the reference to Algebra II completion.


Policy 3116— Students in Out-of-Home Foster Care:  This change broadens the application of the policy to students who are placed out of their regular home and are not officially in the foster care system.


Policy 3220— Freedom of Expression: The policy is updated to reflect current interpretations by the courts and appropriate code.


Policy 5406— Leave Sharing: The reasons for leave sharing have been expanded.  Formerly it was limited to extraordinary or severe illness, Injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition.  It now will include pregnancy, uniformed service, sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence.


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