Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement between Woodland Secretarial Association and Woodland School District

The Woodland Secretarial Association and Woodland School District have reached tentative agreement on a three-year successor contract to the agreement which expires on August 31, 2018.  The union has ratified the tentative agreement which includes the following changes from the current agreement:


  • Article I § 5.1 Grievance: Amend language regarding the selection of an arbitrator
  • Article II § 1.1 Classifications:  Change “Support Staff” classification to “Substitute Secretary”
  • Article II § 1.3 Job Postings: Changed requirements regarding mailing the notification to bargaining unit members of openings from “June, July, and August” to “The summer months outside of the school year.”
  • Article II § 1.4 Position Definitions: Added “Regular Full Time Year-Round” employee definition.
  • Article IV § 3.1 Nondiscrimination:  Update language — Change “handicap” to “disability”
  • Article IV § 4.1 Employee Evaluation: Changed “June 1st” due date for evaluations to “annually”
  • Article IV § 4.2 Employee Evaluation: Inserted language requiring interim evaluations and recommendations for improvement for employees whose performance is likely to result in an unsatisfactory evaluation.
  • Article IV § 4.4 Employee Evaluation: Changed the probationary evaluation period from 102 work days to 90 work days.
  • Article IV § 5.7 Threats: Added language requiring notification of supervisor of any threats to bargaining unit members and requiring the district to take steps to provide for the employee’s safety.
  • Article IV § 6.1 Holidays: Rearranged holidays so they are in calendar order rather than random order.
  • Article IV § 6.3 Thanksgiving: Deleted old language that resulted in double payment to employees on the day preceding Thanksgiving and early release days.
  • Article IV § 7.2 Work Day:  Incorporated language from existing Letter of Agreement that allows, by mutual agreement, for employees to work 4 10 hour shifts in a work week without triggering overtime pay.
  • Article IV § 7.3 Inclement Weather:  Changed language to eliminate payment of employees who did not work during inclement weather late starts and early releases.
  • Article IV § 7.6 School Offices Open: Cleaned up language to clarify minimum expectation that school offices will be open to the public regular hours for the week prior to and following the school year.
  • Article IV § 10.3 Bereavement/Serious Illness Leave:  Defined employees family as “parent, sibling, spouse, partner, child, grandparent, or grandchild or the same as related by marriage.  Added one day of bereavement leave for “someone with close personal ties to the employee”
  • Article IV § 10.9 Jury Duty and Court Appearance Leave:  Deleted requirement that pay be reduced during leave by the amount received for jury service or witness fees.
  • Article IV § 10.10 Leave Sharing:  Cleaned up language to comply with current law.
  • Article IV § 10.11 Vacation Time:  Added language regarding vacation time for the two year-round bargaining unit members.  Mirrors SEIU Vacation Language.
  • Article IV § 11.1 Benefits: Increased District contribution cap for the “retiree carveout” from $70 per employee per month to $75 per employee per month.   Added $1000 per year to the insurance pool. 
  • Article IV § 11.2 District Committee Work:  Delete the word “current” before “rate of pay”  so that practice is compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Article IV § 11.4 Apprenticeship Program: increases hourly stipend from 40¢/hr to 70¢/hr (matching SEIU) and extends eligibility for a stipend to employees who hold a degree.
  • Article IV § 12.1 Salary: Adjusts the salary schedule in year two and three of agreement to include the State inflationary adjustment +0.5% each year.
  • Article V § 13.4 Seniority: Changed reference from Section 4.10.9 to 4.10.8
  • Article V § 1.1 Duration: Defines duration of contract from Sep 1, 2018, to Aug 31, 2022
  • New Section Notification of Changes to positions: Requires the district to notify the association if the district creates a new job title or substantially alters the duties of an existing job within the bargaining unit.
  • Appendix A Salary Schedule:   Increase wages by 15%, add additional experience step







7 - 9

10 +

Administrative Secretary

 $ 21.52

 $ 22.48

 $ 23.45

$ 24.10

Building Secretary

 $ 19.67

 $ 20.55

 $ 21.43

$ 22.02


 $ 18.33





With Apprentice/AA



7- 9

10 +

Administrative Secretary

 $ 22.22

$ 23.18

 $ 24.15

$ 24.80

Building Secretary

 $ 20.37

 $ 21.25

 $ 22.13

$ 22.72


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we approve the agreement between the Woodland Secretarial Associaton and the Woodland School District as presented"


Attached Files:
2018-2021 WSA Contract.pdf 179KB application/pdf
WSA Tentative Agreements.pdf 131KB application/pdf