How are we doing? Woodland Data

We have several data points for board review and discussion.

  1. Senior Exit Surveys.  Each year Mr. Shoup meets with graduating WHS Seniors and has interviewed them.  Prior to the interview, he has them complete an online survey.   These data provide good information regarding the students' own perceptions of their preparation and plans for the future.    Attached are two documents that represent different spans of time.  2000-2012, and 2012-2017.  
  2. Post Secondary Enrollment Data.  The state collects and reports on post-secondary enrollment.  The data is incomplete insofar as it does not include data on students who enter the military, an apprenticeship program, or a school that does not report data to the federal government (does not accept federal financial aid).  It can be assumed that the data is comparable to others, as the data on these is not reported for any district.   It is interesting to note the difference between plans following HS as reported by HS seniors and what actually happens beyond HS in terms of post-secondary enrollment.  Woodland Schools has among the lowest post-secondary enrollment in our region.
  3. Post Secondary Remediation Rates These data are also collected by the state.  It presents the number of students who, upon entering post-secondary education, do not meet the standards of beginning college English or beginning math, and must, therefore, take non-credit bearing remedial math and/or English courses.  Those these data are not where we would hope them to be, they are relatively similar to the state and other area school districts.    It should also be noted that because of the small sample size (n) the data have high variability.   In each of the reported years, each student counts for about 2% of the number.  (the actual value of each student is identified in the rightmost column of the table.
  4. Class of 2015 Graduate Follow-up Survey. These results are from a survey conducted by volunteers in the spring of 2017.   28 respondents were interviewed by telephone.

Additional Data that are important for consideration were discussed with the board in a prior work session and included academic performance, attendance, and freshman course failure.

Attached Files:
GRAD SURVEY DATA.pdf 4MB application/pdf
Post Secondary Enrollment.pdf 20KB application/pdf
Remediation Rates.pdf 19KB application/pdf
Senior Exit Survey results00-12.doc - Google Docs.pdf 331KB application/pdf
Senior Exit Survey results12-17.doc - Google Docs.pdf 286KB application/pdf