Homeless Student Resources

Woodland School District’s Homeless Student support team is responsible for proving parents/guardians and unaccompanied youth with assistance to obtain educational support services under the McKinney-Vento Act 42 U.S.C. 11435. 

Click the images below to download the National Center for Homeless Education's Brochure for Parents:

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Does Your Child Qualify for Services?

A student is considered "homeless" if he or she is presently living:

  • In a motel/hotel, camping ground, or similar situation due to lack of alternative, adequate housing
  • In a shelter
  • Sharing housing with relatives or others due to lack of housing
  • At a train or bus station, park, or in a car
  • In an abandoned building
  • Not living with a parent or guardian

All Homeless Students Have Rights To:

  • Immediate school enrollment - even if they lack health, immunization or school records, proof or guardianship, or proof or residency.
  • Enroll in the school he or she attended when permanently housed; or, attend the school where he or she was last enrolled; or, enroll in the school district where he or she is currently living.
  • Remain enrolled in his/her selected school for as long as he/she remains homeless, or if the student becomes permanently housed, until the end of the academic year.
  • Priority in certain preschool programs. Parents or guardians are encouraged to seek enrollment in these programs.
  • Receive free and reduced meals at school.
  • Participate in tutoring and school-related activities.
  • Obtain information regarding free services including clothing and medical.
  • Transportation Services: A homeless student attending his/her school of origin has a right to transportation to go to and from the school of origin as long as he/she is homeless or, if the student becomes permanently housed, until the end of the academic school year.

Important Contact Information:

Ask for the McKinney-Vento building point of contact at your child’s school – this is usually the counselor or social worker. The McKinney-Vento building point of contact will consult with District Liaison and support staff to coordinate needed services, provide school supplies, free school meals, set up transportation, and to assist with finding resources in the community.