Proposed Performance Goals

Last spring the board reviewed multiple sources of data on school and student performance in the Woodland Public Schools.  While we have many sources of pride in the work we are doing to support learners, the data reviewed indicate that we have a significant need for growth if we are to achieve our goal of preparing all children for "responsible citizenship and adaptability and success in life and their chosen endeavors."

These draft goals that are presented for review are designed around research-based indicators of school and student success.   The educational leaders within the school district see these goals as audacious, but ultimately achievable.  

We do not, as of this publication, have 2017 data for some of the historical cells.    In the case of the Standardized test data, the numbers for 2017 have been updated from the numbers sent to the board in a prior draft.  Also, there is no goal yet set to address equity.   We anticipate exploring that more deeply this year and proposing a goal at a later date.

Attached Files:
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