Woodland Intermediate School Report

To: Michael Green

From: Steven Carney

Date: September 20, 2017

RE: Monthly Report Woodland Intermediate School

New Educator Training (NET)

During the week of August 21st, new teachers participated in an amazing week of orientation and welcoming activities. District personnel facilitated the first day, while Malinda Huddleston and Steven Carney combined their expertise and knowledge to collaboratively facilitate 3 additional days of learning that focused on instructional materials, effective assessment, and grading practices, building trauma sensitive classrooms,  lesson planning, classroom management plans, and opportunities for individualized coaching support.  We received nothing but positive feedback regarding this incredible week of learning.

Dare, Dream, Do!

During the week of August 28th, all of Woodland Intermediate staff and faculty came together for 4 days of team building, data analysis, school improvement planning, curriculum mapping, standards scope and sequence development, and Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) training.  Beginning the work of crafting a plan to make the district vision a reality at every level of our building system, we made space to DREAM, to give our community, our school, our students, and ourselves to the many possibilities available. We created the opportunity to discuss our to DO, and ways we might execute our dreams.  Lastly, we discussed and acknowledged that this would only become possible if every staff member is part of a highly cohesive and dedicated team and that a foundation of trust is imperative. We started the year together with great hope and optimism for what we can accomplish together for all of our students.

Open House / Drop In Drop Off

Increasing parent involvement, participation, and attendance are a focus for Woodland Intermediate.  In an attempt to accommodate working families and to increase the likelihood of family participation on Drop In / Drop Off day, we decided to combine the annual open house with the excitement of meeting teachers and students that come with drop-in/drop-off procedures.  The event was moved from early afternoon to early evening.  Attendance was at least double of what we typically see when Drop In / Drop Off is scheduled earlier in the day.  We were able to meet entire families as a result of the time change.  We consider the change a huge success and plan to repeat again next fall.

Beginning the New Year

WIS had a relatively uncomplicated and highly energetic start to the year.  Every adult who works at WIS found a place in the halls to welcome students to the 2017/2018 school year.  Students spent the 1st few days building community, making friends, and learning and practicing the Woodland Way.  During the second and third week of school, students took the iReady screener/diagnostic for English Language Arts and Math.  The results will be used to establish immediate interventions for students who exhibit learning deficits one to two years behind their current grade level.  The results will also guide upcoming instructional planning. It was an amazing start to the 2017/2018 school year.

Coffee and Conversations

We had an incredible turnout for our first monthly Coffee (and donuts) and Conversation with Mr. Carney. Together, we discussed many topics, including but not limited to,  home/school communication, PTSA involvement, classroom volunteers, meeting the needs of high achieving students, after school clubs, and more. The monthly meeting is an open forum format with topics provided by attendees.  

Upcoming Events…

Lunch Buddy Mentor Training: September 26th

Lunch Buddy Program Begins: October 3rd

Walk for Woodland (PTSA Sponsored): October 6th

Coffee and Conversation with Mr. Carney: October 11th

Picture Day: October 13th

WIS Leadership Assembly: October 27th