Woodland Primary School Report

To: Michael Green

From: Ingrid Colvard

Date: September 20, 2017

RE: Monthly Report Woodland Primary School (Grades PreK-1)

Community Engagement: One of the key areas of focus in the WPS School Improvement Plan is increasing community engagement. We have exceptional and robust attendance at any event we host, but we are hoping for deeper partnerships with community members in terms of our building leadership and improvement efforts. Our first ‘Cookies & Conversation’ night will be held at WPS on October 10th from 6:30-7:30. This open forum will include a very brief overview of some of our current efforts and priorities at WPS, but much of the time will be allocated for questions and input from attendees. This is the launching point for our Parent Advisory Committee, which will be formed after this initial meeting.

Open House/Drop In-Drop Off: Family input about the former process and timing of Drop In/Drop Off resulted in a change that has been very positively received. WPS welcomed families the evening of August 30th to our combined Open House/Drop In-Drop Off. The attendance was remarkable, with approximately twice as many attendees compared to the previous year. Many parents were thankful that it was after their typical work hours, making it possible for both parents to be present. They also expressed gratitude that they did not have to take time off of work and that it was combined with the open house. We will make some minor adjustments for the future but are very excited to have hosted an event that better meet the needs of the community we serve.

Volunteer Coordinator: The WPS Building Leadership Team has been working very intentionally to ensure children have access to books often and readily. Adjustments to staffing and schedules have allowed us to have our library staffed most of the day. Our instructional assistant in the library, Dana Ramey, will also be our WPS Volunteer Coordinator. Many community members have offered to help and have expressed excitement about the possibility of being part of our efforts. Dana will work to best utilize their service, and as a school, we will be encouraging volunteer service as part of our community outreach. We are excited to form deeper partnerships as we welcome new people into support learning.