2017-2018 ESD 112 Agreements (Partial)

ESD 112 offers many services to school districts in their service area. Annually we asked the board to consider and approve contracts with ESD 112 for the services. Attached you will find several agreements for services. All of these are renewals of existing services.

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we approve the 2017-2018 ESD 112 agreements as presented."

Attached Files:
Certification Services.pdf 453KB application/pdf
Clock Hour Services.pdf 104KB application/pdf
Cooperative Inforamtion Management Services.pdf 1021KB application/pdf
Intergrated Delivery Services.pdf 442KB application/pdf
Proquest License Access.pdf 184KB application/pdf
Quest Academy.pdf 476KB application/pdf
School Announcement Network.pdf 444KB application/pdf
Student Threat Assessment Program.pdf 492KB application/pdf