Regular Board Meeting on Monday, February 27, 2017

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Regular Board Meeting on Monday, February 27, 2017

You can download a PDF version of this issue of Board Briefs by clicking this link. 




  • Reports to the Board:

    • Student Representative Report: Jamie Gonzales, student representative, reported that she attended the WHS Boys Basketball District Championship game in Olympia, and although Woodland lost, it was still a great trip. She also noted that spring sports started today. Lastly, Jamie commented on needing communication for the full-time Running Start students. Superintendent Michael Green informed the board that there is a section on the High School website called “Senior Information” providing all necessary information for students to review.


Each month the board receives written reports from each school and program.
The reports can be viewed online here:

Board members had the following specific questions to the reports presented:

  • Yale Report: Director Matt Donald asked for more information on technology at Yale, specifically regarding Internet connection speeds and other equipment. Superintendent Green informed the board that Yale currently has a very good fiber connection, and the school has a richer ratio of Chromebooks than our schools downriver. Yale Principal Ingrid Colvard and staff are working to replace some recently-retired desktop computers with Chromebooks.

  • Facilities and Safety Report: Director Donald sought additional information about injuries at Woodland Primary School. Donald also appreciated the information regarding new WIS portable classrooms in the report.

  • TEAM High Report: Director Lesa Beuscher asked about the capacity numbers at TEAM High. Principal Dan Uhlenkott stated the current enrollment number is 98 students and the school cannot hold more than 100 students. He noted that this was an unusually high enrollment when compared to past years. Director Donald commended Uhlenkott on the recent alternative learning program (ALE) audit.
  • Board Reports, Requests and Comments:

    • Director Matt Donald asked about the recent I-5 mudslide, specifically if Woodland High School was considering opening for stranded travelers. Superintendent Green was contacted and monitored the situation, however, there were other routes available for the travelers. Facilities Manager Scott Landrigan was prepared to open the High School if the needed.
  • Discussion Items:

    • First Reading of Revision to Policy No. 4130 – Title I Parent Involvement: Special Services Director Deb Kernen explained the changes were not substantial, simply references. The policy will be presented at the next meeting for second reading and approval.

    • First Reading of Revisions to Policies 3232-3530 – Rights and Responsibilities of Students, Records, Expression, Interrogations of Students, and related: Director Steve Madsen would like a section containing vehicle search information added to policy 3230. Superintendent Green will follow up with the district’s attorney to draft language reflecting the ability and limitations of searches of private vehicles parked at school and will report back. Madsen asked for clarification in policy 3243 regarding parental consent needed when students transport another student. Green will review and will present changes at the next meeting for a second reading.

    • Cellular Tower: Recently, Woodland School District was approached by Verizon Wireless with the opportunity to place a cell tower on the High School property, potentially providing $12,000 in annual income. After some conversation, the school board agreed to proceed in getting more details from Verizon.

  • Action Items:

    • Third Reading and Approval of Policy No. 3110: The board unanimously approved minor language changes made to Policy 3110 Qualifications of Attendance and Placement.

    • Second Reading and Approval of New Policy No. 4218: The board unanimously approved Policy 4218 Language Access Plan improving two-way communication access for parents with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

    • Second Reading and Approval of Policy No. 6600 – Transportation: The board unanimously approved revisions to Policy 6600 Transportation for bus transportation of students.

Upcoming Board Work Session:
Monday, March 13, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the District Meeting Room

Upcoming Board Business Session: Monday, March 27, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the District Meeting Room