Regular Board Meeting on Monday, January 23, 2017

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Regular Board Meeting on Monday, January 23, 2017

You can download a PDF version of this issue of Board Briefs by clicking this link. 



  • Special Presentation:

    • January is National School Board Recognition month. Assistant Superintendent Asha Riley presented the board members with a card signed by the administration team along with individual recognition certificates thanking them for their time, effort, and hard work dedicated to Woodland School District.

  • Reports to the Board:

    • Woodland Middle School Report: Director Matt Donald commended Principal Jake Hall for the Lego Robotics Team receiving first place in their recent competition.

    • Woodland High School Report: Director Lesa Beuscher asked if a plan was developed for the seniors to make up the snow days. Riley informed the school board that a confirmed plan was not fully complete at this time, however January 23 was used as one of the make-up days for seniors.

    • Woodland Primary School: Director Sarah Stuart asked Woodland Primary School Principal Ingrid Colvard for more details on the student support management program. Colvard provided details on the successes so far which include offering a quiet, separate space for student to deescalate, an alternative recess that doesn’t overstimulate students, and working with students on self-regulation techniques.

    • Woodland Intermediate School: Director Janice Watts commented on the student intervention results and asked Woodland Intermediate School Principal Steven Carney for the number of students affected. Carney informed the board that there are currently 140 students and the goal is to lower that number year-over-year.
  • Board Reports, Requests, and Comments:

    • Director Steve Madsen was pleased to announce that a Woodland High School staff member has agreed to run the Lego Robotics program at the high school level is the program can get funding. The grant deadline was today so they hope to know more soon.

    • Directors Beuscher and Madsen will not be able to attend the next study session meeting on February 13, 2017.

  • Discussion Items:

    • National Board Certification Presentation: Woodland High School Teachers Shari Conditt and Jason Cowley presented detailed information on what the National Board Certification is, how it works, and the benefits it provides.

    • School Improvement Plan: Riley offered two different options to the school board for reviewing all schools’ improvement plans: Option # 1 was to have each school administrator present the information to the school board at upcoming meetings with each school assigned to different weeks. Option # 2 was to have a work session with all the principals together to present and discuss the school improvement plans as a large group. After some discussion, the school board chose Option #2.

    • First Reading of New Policy 4218: Riley explained that the district offers language access with translation services as an existing practice and would like to make it official policy. The policy will be presented at the next meeting for second reading and approval.

    • First Reading of Revision to Policy 6600: Riley explained that the updated draft covering snow routes and student safety with bus drop-offs requiring a legal guardian present and offering excused absences when necessary has been district practice and would like to make it official policy. Directors Madsen and Donald expressed concerns regarding communicating snow route information to parents/guardians, and suggested adding “adequate notification and publication of snow routes” to section A under Emergency Routes and Schedules. Changes will be made and the policy will be presented at the next meeting for a second reading.

  • Action Items:

    • Approve Revisions and Additions of Selected 3000 Series Policies: The Board of Directors unanimously approved revisions to district policies covering student sexual harassment, intimidation, bullying, nondiscrimination, student conduct, discipline/corrective action procedures, and immunizations/life-threatening conditions.

    • Approve Revisions, Additions, and Deletions of Policies 3110-3144: Director Stuart noted confusing wording for the Entrance Qualifications in Policy 3110. The policy will be reworked and presented at the next meeting. The board unanimously approved the other revisions to district policies covering part-time, home-based or off-campus students; homeless students; students in foster care; enrollment; compulsory attendance; excused and unexcused absences; withdrawal prior to graduation; removal of student; child custody; district attendance areas; district attendance area transfers; release of resident students; non-resident students; international exchange students; district notifications of juvenile offenders; and release of information concerning student sexual and kidnapping offenders.

    • Approval of ESD 112 Agreement for E-Rate Application Services: The board unanimously approved an agreement with ESD 112 for E-Rate services which enables the district to recoup costs for certain qualifying federal expenses.


Upcoming Board Work Session: Monday, February 13, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the District Meeting Room

Upcoming Board Business Session: Monday, February 27, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the District Meeting Room