TEAM Report

To: Michael Green

From: Dan Uhlenkott

Date: January 23, 2017

RE: TEAM High School Update



Waiting to hear back from the auditors regarding our TEAM High School audit.  Before they left, they anticipated a finish date near the end of January.  

State Testing

We have rescheduled our state exams for January 31 – February 2.  Students must pass these state exams or the alternatives in order to be eligible to receive a high school diploma.  We currently have two students who have completed their required coursework but have yet to pass these state exams.   Algebra, geometry, and biology are the tests we will be administering.  These exams will also be given in June, but students will not receive the results back in time for graduation. 

Office Complete

Our office at TEAM High School has been completed.  This has offered us the opportunity to have conversations with students and parents in confidence without having the teachers call from their cars using their cell phones.  Thanks to Scott Landrigan for making this happen.