Woodland Intermediate School Report

To: Michael Green

From: Steven Carney

Date: January 18, 2017

RE: Monthly Report Woodland Intermediate School


Focus on Learning

School Improvement Planning

On December 13th, the Woodland Intermediate School Building Leadership Team (BLT) spent the day analyzing student outcome and demographic data to inform our school improvement planning process.  The team also evaluated our school through the lens of research-based Student and School Success Principle Indicators.  The team was able to determine strengths and areas of growth directly related to best practices for student and school success. The Student and School Success Principles include:

  • Student and School Success Principle 1: Strong leadership
  • Student and School Success Principle 2: Staff evaluation and professional development
  • Student and School Success Principle 3: Expanded time for student learning and teacher collaboration
  • Student and School Success Principle 4: Rigorous, aligned instruction
  • Student and School Success Principle 5: Use of data for school improvement and instruction
  • Student and School Success Principle 6: Safety, discipline, and social, emotional, and physical health
  • Student and School Success Principle 7: Family and community engagement

The BLT, in collaboration with the rest of the staff, will continue to lead the development of our school improvement plan for improving student learning and achievement.

Student Intervention Results

In December, we completed our first cycle of interventions for students who were identified to need intensive support and more than two (2) years behind in reading or math.  In 8 weeks time, over 50% of our students needing intensive support made gains of one year or greater in either reading or math.  We are excited about the progress our students needing the most intensive support are making. Our teachers and support staff are working hard to close the achievement gap, and it’s paying off.  

Upcoming Events

Gabe Murfitt Assembly - January 20th

On January 20th from 2:00-2:45 p.m., Gabe Murfitt will present a motivational assembly for our students. Mr. Murfitt delivers a carefully crafted and engaging presentation build around Gabe’s story of hope that will inspire students and adults to action. Oprah, Good Morning America and in The Seattle Times are just a few of the many news, shows, and publications where Gabe has been featured. To read more about Gabe Murfitt visit his website at gabemurfitt.com