Special Services Report

To:  Michael Green

From:  Deb Kernen

Date: December 13, 2016

Re:  December Special Services Monthly Update 


This month I want to highlight what the ELL services at Woodland Middle School

This year at WMS we have started two unique ELA classes for our Newcomers and lowest English proficiency students. Kristin Wu, who was full time at the primary school last year, is teaching these two classes in the mornings before heading over to WPS. Both the 5th/6th class and a 7th/8th class use an interactive computer program called iLit, that allows students and teacher to collaborate while information is projected on the screen. The teacher is able to electronically send questions to students, and their answers are sent back and projected in live time. In the program students are able to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking, all while adhering to their grade level Common Core Standards. iLit reports that students using their program average an increase in reading level of two years in one school year!!

We have had an increase in Newcomers at WMS recently, especially in 5th grade. We are happy to report that despite the language barrier, they are all doing quite well! In fact, three ELLs were nominated for Student of the Month in September, and of those three two were Newcomers!

Melanie Ball and Amy Booker continue their excellent push-in support, collaborating with teachers to give ELLs an extra boost to bridge the language gap.