Athletics Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

Date: December 14, 2016

RE: Athletics Report


HS Boys’ Basketball

  1. Turnout numbers: 35
  2. We had numbers for a 3rd
    1. Varsity record 0-0 League, 2-1 Overall
    2. JV record 0-0 League, 2-1 Overall
    3. C record 0-0 League, 0-1 Overall

HS Girls’ Basketball

  1. Turnout numbers: 27
    1. Varsity record 0-0 League, 3-1 Overall
    2. JV record 0-0 League, 4-0 Overall

HS Wrestling

  1. Turnout numbers: 32 boys, 10 girls
  2. The weather has limited their competitions so far. Looks like we’ll have all but one weight class filled and will be competitive.
  3. Hoping to go to the Hammerhead Classic this weekend (weather permitting).

HS Dance and Cheer

  1. Dance turnout numbers: 8 Cheer turnout numbers: 16
    1. Cheer has their first competition this weekend at Kentwood
    2. Dance has performed well – taking a first in Hip Hop and second in Pom at Heritage last weekend.


  1. Remember that WHS Sports can be followed on Facebook (woodland high school athletics) and Twitter (whsbeavers).
  2. Our league also has a website: