TEAM Report

To:         Michael Green

From:    Dan Uhlenkott

Date:     December 19, 2016

RE:        TEAM High School Update



This is the scheduled year for auditing TEAM High School and Lewis River Academy, our two Alternative Learning Programs.  The auditor reviews our files for last year to make sure we are documenting everything correctly.   It is always stressful to have an audit, but we feel TEAM High is accurately producing and keeping files up to date.  After the auditor reviewed three student files, he told me that everything looked good and was in order.  He will review ten more student files in his office in Olympia.  If the first three were any indication we are in good shape.

Audit Preparation

For the auditor, he asked to take all the student files with him to Olympia which meant we were running the copy machine on high for a while.  Also, prior to copying, we examined each file from that year just in case other student files were requested.  Manpower and paperwork were needed.  I wish we could spend more time on teaching, learning and assisting students and less time on paperwork.

State Testing

Another round of state testing will be mid to late January for math and science.   We are conducting some review lessons this month in order to help students refresh their knowledge.