Lewis River Academy Report

To: Michael Green

From: Asha Riley

Date: December 14, 2016

Re: Lewis River Academy Report


Recently we hosted a review of our program by the state auditor. I was pleased to share our records and procedures and have confidence we’ve honored the alternative education laws.  I am hopeful their review of our practices and documentation will result in a positive review.

Students continue to make good progress in their studies and attendance in learning labs and parent partnership workshops have been strong. Last month we held a variety of parent partnership workshops. Below are descriptions of the learning sessions we held.

Telling Time: Students joined us to have fun learning and reviewing how to tell time on an analog clock.

Knights of the Writing Table Part 2: Hatest thou writing more than dragons?  This workshop was designed to vanquish fear of writing with other brave knights as they generated ideas for those dreaded writing assignments.  Presided over by Queen Annika, leader of the Reluctant.

African Textiles Art Discovery Workshop: Students looked at the basic elements of movement, pattern, rhythm, repetition, texture, line, color and shape in woven and dyed African fabric samples, then carved out a potato to stamp their own designs onto paper.

Science Workshop: Why does Popcorn pop?  Students learned the science of this ancient grain and popular holiday food.

Hour of Code: All students K-12 were invited to spend an hour learning how to write computer code.